PumpBiz Pump Catalog is a listing or many of the Pump Manufacturers we catalog on our pump web site. In the catalog is names like March pumps, Barnes pumps, Myers pump, FTI Little Giant pumps, AMT / Teel ®, Goulds Gould, Grundfos, General Pump, ARO ®.

Some of our Pump Manufacturers..

All Flo Diaphragm Pumps


Air Operated Diaphragm pumps

¼" to 3" PP, PVDF,

AL, 316 SS. Diaphragm pumps for all liquids and thick liquids.


Graymills Coolant Pumps


Vertical Coolant pumps.

Solvent & Aqueous parts cleaners

AMT Pumps

134477 AMT Catolog

Centrifugal pumps

Flows to 800 gpm

Heads to 200 Ft.

CI, 316SS, Bronze. Trash, sprinkler, de-watering, industrial

SelfPrime, Vertical, Horiz. Most replace Teel

Hypro Pumps


Centrifugal, flexible impeller, gear, and roller pumps in SS, Bronze, and Cast Iron. Hot oil pumps, Ag spraying pumps.

aquatec pumps

Specialty diaphragm pumps designed for Beverage, Marine, Water Purification, Agricultural/Garden, Car Wash and Soil Extraction.

Lancaster Pumps




ASP SS Pumps

Stainless steel centrifugal pumps for the commercial /OEM marketplace. Features American made pumps.

Leeson Electric Motors


Electric Motors

Fractional - 100HP Pump motors

Baldor Electric Motors

Baldor Electric Motors

Fractional - 100 HP Pump motors

March Magdrive Pumps

March Sealless Magdrive Pumps

1/25 to 10 HP

PP, PVDF, 316SS, Bronze

Barnes Submersible Pumps

Barnes Submersible

Sump, Effluent, Sewage Pond Fountain

Pacer Pumps

  Self priming Ag Trash pumps, Chemical Hand pumps

Blagdon Pumps

Sanitary Air Operated


Myers Submersible Pumps

Myers Wastewater, Centrifugal, Water systems, Sump, Sewage and Effluent, Industrial Pressure Sewage Systems.

Ebara Pumps

Ebara Centrifugal Horizontal Submersible

Sewage, Sump, Booster, Effluent pumps

To 800 GPM, 800 PSI

ARO diaphragm pumps

Air operated fluid handling pumps in metallic and non-metallic construction, diaphragm & piston type, handling large varieties of viscosities & fluids

Finish Thompson Magdrive Pumps

Centrifugal & Drum pumps. Magdrive & Sealed.

Obedorfer Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps

CI, Bronze, Ryton, SS

Sealed & Magdrive

Flojet Jabsco Pumps

  Flojet / Jabsco utility pumps. Flexible impeller, marine, fuel Diesel pumps

Webtrol Pumps

Booster, Drainage SS Submersible, Sewage.

Flotec Pump

packaged sewage system

  Water pumps of the submersible type for sump, effluent, sewage. Water pumps for sprinkler, irrigation, pond, fountain, pool. Well pumps, jet, deep well, shallow well. Sta-rite pumps and sewage systems.

Pulsafeeder Metering Pumps

Pulsafeeder Pulsatron metering chemical injection pumps.

Manual and automatic mechanically actuated metering pumps. Available in PVC, PP and Kynar.

MTH Turbine Pumps

Regenerative Turbine Pumps for low flow applications involving moderate to high pressures.

Liberty Progressive Pumps

Wobble Stator - Progressive Cavity Pumps

CI, SS flows to 100 gpm.

Serfilco chemical pumps

Non-Metallic Horizontal & Vertical Pumps. Chemical pumps and filters.

Rhombus Pump Controls

Pump Control Panels

Simplex, Duplex, Custom

UL listed

Sta-rite Pu